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10 Day Yoga Strength Training Guide

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What does this guide provide?
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This 10 Day Yoga Strength training Guide is designed by a Certified Yoga Instructor and the recipes created by a chef, but simplified to fit your busy schedule and a quick grocery list. There are also gluten free options for each of the 25 recipes included. This mini-program is one of a kind!
1) There are 10 DELICIOUS, healthy and filling breakfast recipes (Breakfast being a MUST in all of our guides as it is the fundamental metabolism booster and blood/cholesterol leveler- Also aids in prevention of evening binges and unhealthy cravings!)
2) 10 Lunch/Dinner Options - Simple to make , incredibly satisfying and packed with high quality nutritious ingredients
3) 5 Healthy do-it-yourself snacks that you can make and save for later. Examples? Coconutty Sweet Potatoe Coins, Turtle Cookie Energy bites and Raspberry Chia Pudding are three favorites!
There are 21 yoga poses in this guide that are each illustrated and explained. These 21 moves make up a 10 day sequence, chunked in days of 3, each lasting about 15-20 minutes long and increasing in intensity every few days so that you are able to progress and maximize the benefits of each pose.
If you are a yoga newbie and wondering if this is for you then read below for just a few of the MANY benefits this guide can provide for you through the implementation of a simple 10 Day Yoga Strength Training Routine:
Yoga has been known to have these effects on the body simply after ONE CLASS!
Improve Brain function
Reduce Stress levels
Improve blood circulation
After a few weeks and even days you will notice the following benefits:
Anxiety Relief
Improvement in posture
Improved Sexual Function
Improve blood pressure levels
Increase Lung Capacity
Maximize Flexibility
So again, if you are wondering if you are ready to dive into the Yogi Lifestyle, give this guide a go. As always, our guides are designed to last you longer than 10 days - you keep them for life! You can refer constantly back to these yoga sequences as well as all of the delicious meals we have included for you. As always we want to add value to your life, starting with your body and mind. Thank you for making the decision to take action. Thank you for choosing to be a Fit Lady for Life- change starts by becoming what you want to see in the world around you!
Lets get started!!!

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