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10 Day Tank Top Arms

10 Day Tank Top Arms - Hyaluxe Body
10 Day Tank Top Arms - Hyaluxe Body
10 Day Tank Top Arms - Hyaluxe Body
10 Day Tank Top Arms - Hyaluxe Body

10 Day Tank Top Arms

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What does this guide provide?
Pages: 20
1) 10 Day meal Guide - If you have seen our Booty Lift Guide we offer the meals for you to choose from and you put together your own meals throughout your day. This guide on the other hand has Day 1-10 Meals given to you daily PLUS two snacks a day (1 Mid Morning Snack and 1 Mid-Afternoon Snack). We provide a complete snack list for both options (Some are 200 calories or less and others are 100 calories or less. Our meal guides are designed for weight loss but they are also designed to build lean muscle and fuel your body properly. In addition to the 10 Day Meal guide, we also offer 5 Healthy Desserts and their recipes, the necessary recipes for your meals; however most of your meals are simple to make, self explanatory and can be pre-prepped or saved for later!
2) 14 Exercises that are ARM SPECIFIC ! All of these exercises have detailed descriptions AND images to go along with them.
3) A DAILY workout schedule- You will not do all 14 workout moves every single day. Some of the workouts will target similar areas but each move uses at least ONE primary arm muscle plus additional muscles in your body that will benefit from a little work (booty, abs, legs).
This guide was created due to high demand. You will see results ALL over your body but yes- Your arms will be shaped, sculpted, toned and lean! (NOT BEEFY AND BULKY!)
You WILL see results- 10 Days, amazing results, new healthy habits and not to mention, some sexy tank top arms !

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