*NEW* FLOW: Circulatory Serum - Hyaluxe Body
*NEW* FLOW: Circulatory Serum - Hyaluxe Body
*NEW* FLOW: Circulatory Serum - Hyaluxe Body
*NEW* FLOW: Circulatory Serum - Hyaluxe Body
*NEW* FLOW: Circulatory Serum - Hyaluxe Body
FLOW: Circulatory Serum - Hyaluxe Body
FLOW: Circulatory Serum - Hyaluxe Body
FLOW: Circulatory Serum - Hyaluxe Body
FLOW: Circulatory Serum - Hyaluxe Body

FLOW: Circulatory Serum

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Flow was designed with all women in mind. Women experiencing every part of womanhood. Flow was designed to improve the health and movement of the blood moving through our bodies. 


Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Organic Evening Primrose Oil

Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil

Organic Dried Marigold Blossom

Organic Red Clover Blossom

Organic Black Cohosh Root


How to use:

Apply this serum to anywhere on the body. This serum can be used to improve varicose veins, PMS pain associated with cramping, bloating, constipation and other gut related issues. This serum can help with ovarian cysts, fibroids and any tissue build up in the body. Not only is it phenomenal for your skin but when placed under heat on the belly, legs, or on lymph nodes, your body will experience exactly what it needs....flow.

Improve your circulatory health and reduce your pain. Support your body and your hormonal health. This serum is unlike any other for ladies. Your body will thank you for every drop.


Ingredient Benefits:

Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Below is a list of the various list of benefits that women everywhere have reported from using castor oil through the use of castor oil packs or applying it directly to their navel:

Relaxing the digestive system, reducing bloat and improving constipation
Reducing gallbladder inflammation/stones Improving lymphatic drainage
Reducing gut inflammation
Reducing headaches and migraines Detoxifying the liver
Shrinking thyroid cysts and nodules
Reducing painful menstrual cramps
Shrinking cysts in breast tissue
Shortening periods and regulating cycles
Shrinking uterine fibroids
Shrinking and reducing ovarian cysts
Reducing symptoms of PCOS
Improving healthy gut microbiome and biofilm breakdown Improving circulation
Reducing overall inflammation, muscle soreness and joint pain (systemic pain)
Breaking up adhesions or scar tissue (recommended for after surgery)
Strengthening the immune system Improving and healing the skin (improves eczema and psoriasis, decreases stretch marks and scaring, soothes dry or sunburnt skin and rashes, removes skin tags and moles) Increases relaxation and improves sleep quality (best to do at night)


Organic Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil is rich with gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) an omega-6 fatty acid with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and pain-relieving effects. Many people use GLA as a type of medicine.

Scientists believe that sensitivity to changing hormonal levels may cause premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms in women. These hormones are influenced by essential fatty acids like the GLA in evening primrose oil, pointing to the oil’s potential to alleviate discomfort.

Evening primrose oil has been shown to help relieve hot flashes in menopausal women, including their severity, frequency, and duration. One clinical trial found that in addition to hot flash relief, participants taking the oil also improved other metrics like social interactions and sexuality.


Organic Black Seed Oil

It contains essential nutrients like fatty acids, proteins, vitamins B1, B2, B3, folate, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, and phosphorous, and helps with numerous issues like menstrual cramps, female fertility, post-menopausal osteoporosis and breast pain. The anti-inflammatory properties of black seed oil significantly help soothe menstrual cramps. This is believed to be due to thymoquinone, an active compound in the oil, which can reduce inflammation and pain.

Black seed oil has been used in traditional medicine to help with mood regulation, potentially offering benefits for the mood swings that often occur during menstruation. The exact mechanism isn't well understood, but it's thought that the oil's phytochemicals may impact neurotransmitter functions in the brain.

The oil's incredible effects on digestive health also help with bloating during menstruation. The anti-inflammatory and carminative (gas-reducing) properties of black seed oil considerably alleviate symptoms of bloating during menstruation for numerous women. 


Dried Marigold Blossom (calendula)

Calendula (marigold) is an emmenagogue, which means it assists the blood flow in the pelvic region and can help bring on delayed periods. It is also helpful if you tend to get period pain or clots, as it helps to remove the pelvic congestion and stagnation which leads to these symptoms. Marigold petals are rich in antioxidants, which can help reduce inflammation and protect cells from free radical damage. They also contain compounds that can help stimulate collagen production in the skin, which can reduce the signs of aging. Marigold petals contain high amounts of antibacterial and antifungal properties, making them quite a treat when applied to the skin, particularly in the form of a serum. This beautiful flower can also help relieve menstrual pain and reduce symptoms related to inflammation.


Organic Red Clover Blossom

Although red clover is great for perimenopause, it's also a fantastic herb for PMS. It has a modulating (balancing) effect on hormone levels all through life, making it a great option if you suffer from PMS. Red clover offers benefits in pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) as isoflavones in the herb act as a natural hormone stimulant ideal for balancing the body’s hormone levels. It provides essential nutrients to the body, including vitamin C, thiamine, and potassium that reduce PMS symptoms and soothe cramps during menstruation. Red clover is one of the best pregnancy preparation herbs due to its many valuable nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, vitamin C, thiamine, etc. It also has a positive impact on the circulatory system by improving blood circulation.


Black Cohosh Root

Black cohosh root is most commonly used to treat hot flashes and hormonal fluctuations throughout menopause.  Early German studies found black cohosh improved physical and psychological menopausal symptoms, including anxiety, hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness. It has been also used to treat arthritic pain and help to lower blood pressure. 


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