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Magnesium supports optimal thyroid function - Magnesium is essential for thyroid hormone production. Most cases of thyroid imbalance are autoimmune in origin, Magnesium helps to decrease the underlying inflammation which causes the autoimmune response. Magnesium is anti-aging - Magnesium is essential to the production of steroid hormones such as Testosterone, DHEA, Progesterone and Estrogen. It has been shown to enhance glutathione production, prevent telomere shortening and reduce oxidative stress – slowing down the aging process. Because most of your magnesium is inside your cells, it does not test well with standard laboratory testing. As most people are deficient I usually recommend trying a low dose and seeing how you feel. I most often recommend magnesium glycinate or bisglycinate. This form of magnesium has an affinity for nervous tissue, is highly absorbable and is very well tolerated. It has the least laxative effect of all forms of magnesium.
Magnesium and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) According to a recent literature review, magnesium is an evidence-based treatment for PMS. Some researchers propose that it may work by calming the nervous system and by “normalizing the actions of different hormones (mainly progesterone) on the central nervous system”. Tip: Magnesium works best in combination with vitamin B6 Tip: Magnesium can also be used to prevent premenstrual migraines  Magnesium may help to prevent period pain Taken daily, magnesium may prevent dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps) in some people. It works by relaxing the smooth muscle of the uterus and by reducing the prostaglandins that cause period pain.
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