I love this wrap! It was so easy to use. I wore it while I walked my little one after dinner and got her ready for bed. I am so amazed how much better I feel and slept! My hips are't hurting like they were and I can tell a huge difference in my waist size. Oh and i Love love love the oils! They dont smell strong and you can see a visible improvement in my skin as soon as I apply them. Thank you for such an amazing, high quality, affordable product!

 Just thought I'd give some positive feed back ! Your products are amazing I love using them! Not only are they packaged beautifully but they work! I used the body wrap for 5 days consecutively and now every other day to continue to regulate my digestive system. And the coffee scrub with brush (it's really rough at first but you get used to it) improved my skin texture and appearance. Here are some before and after pictures! Hope it inspires others to give your products a try, they are of the highest quality and made in the USA

How Can I not love you guys! Amazing product, result and customer service!!!


Hello! Just wanted to thank you for my scrub! Using it and it is wonderful as are all your products!! I wanted to purchase some more wraps for my son. He's actually the one asking for it now so you know it works! 

I recommend your products highly because they are Wonderful!   They are wrapped and prepared and delivered in such a wonderful way. It shows that each product is prepared and sent with so much attention to detail and so much care. This is the only company ive ever seen do this. Your customer service is so incredibly wonderful that you cannot fail.

Great, thank you so much! You guys are amazing I sent you guys a picture of  results. Just with the use of one baggie and it's been amazing.️ I love it and will recommend you guys lots! 

I am so pleased with this hourglass wrap. I have lost an inch off my waist just after 3 uses. I just love it. I will definitely recommend this hour glass wrap. I'll be ordering again. 

I started using this herbal hour glass wrap 5 days ago and I love it. I have noticed less bloating after 1 use. My skin is very soft and saggy after having 2 children but after using this wrap I feel it slowly shrinking and getting flatter. I purchased the 2 week wrap so I'm looking forward to seeing the results after week 2. I'm so glad I tried it!


Here are my results after 5 wraps. There's an obvious difference between the two pics and I think I would have had even better results with a second week of wrapping. I definitely felt better for my vacation after using the wrap. 


I did the wrap for 5 days straight! Here is the after picture ... my left leg has atrophy since a foot surgery 5 years ago and the quad developed a layer of cellulite that required a tremendous amount of strength training and maintaining a perfect diet to keep at bay. The wrap seemed to finally wake it up and create a smoother look. The layer of cellulite is smaller and only noticeable when I squeeze it!


I'm 5 weeks postpartum and couldn't be more happy with my results from using the herbal hour glass! It really helped tighten and shrink down my belly! I would definitely recommend this product.


The herbal hour glass made me feel like my energy levels were fully restored and all the bloated areas seemed to disappear within the first two uses of the product! I was iffy at first while ordering but I will definitely be getting more of this brand in the future being as my wedding is coming up soon! I recommend it 100% to anyone who is thinking about trying it out. :)


I was honestly shocked. As a mom of two I stay busy as it is so I don't typically take time to workout, but I loved the idea of treating my body to something GOOD. I gave it a try and took the photos. I was a number 1 skeptic, now I am a number 1 believer.

The hour glass wrap gave me the motivation to treat my body better. The wrap was soothing and I would leave it on for an extra half hour because of how comfortable it was. After each use I could tell the difference immediately and not gonna lie my skin smelled so good from the tea.

I have never used a wrap mainly because I thought it wouldn’t make a difference; however the hour glass proved me wrong. After an hour I felt refreshed, thirsty and the times I was bloated it helped with as well. I will definitely use the refills and the smell is so good

The Hour Glass left me feeling refreshed! I didn't experience any discomfort when wearing the wrap. For he most part, I couldn't tell I had it on - all I could feel (especially after removed) was a tingly/minty feeling. 

I noticed that some shirts seem to look a little less snug in the abdomen area. I felt like I was treating my body right after doing the wrap. I will definitely be using it again.

So pleased with my outcome. Started Aug 9th 1st wrap and still going... I was so skeptical but I was so wrong. Proof in the pictures! Best thing ever. I didn't even start working out either due to no time with my 3 kids. But once they go to school I will be starting again.

I love it. I will be ordering another one in the future.


I wasn't too sure ow it would work just looking at the pictures but after I tried it I could feel a difference after the first use. My stomach felt firmer and my skin even felt softer. You don't only see a difference you can feel it. Its a great product and a great company!


I really didn't think this would work but after the first time I already felt leaner. I tried it after big meals and in the afternoons all with the same results. I saw a visual difference after 5 uses. I love the hour glass, Thank you!

I have been completely happy with this Hour Glass wrap. Only 5x's and I noticed a huge difference. I'm a 4 to 5x's a week working out type of person I meal prep 4x's a week. but no matter how hard I work out after 2 kids and gaining over 60lbs with each pregnancy my skin will never be the same. yes surgery would help but I don't see myself going to that extreme. Thanks for this great product.


I was very wary about using this body wrap but decided to try it so glad I did after 3 days I have lost half an inch off my waist and a full inch off my hips and my stretch marks look better and my skin has tightened. 

(Miss T.C.) 

I love your wrap and am going to do it for 2 more weeks! Great results! So happy that this actually works! Phenomenal! So smart! I love it!





     I am SO Thankful I have found the Hour Glass! With me and my body type, I feel that sometimes dieting and exercise aren’t enough. This helped me lessen my unwanted bloating and I immediately felt better and refreshed! Thanks for such a great product!

I wanted to start by letting you know that I'm a fully single mom of 4 (one very medically fragile 10 yr old daughter, a 6 month old and 2 other high energy kids that are 8 and 9) and with that being said I NEVER take the time to write emails of this nature. I wanted to let you know that I received my package and was BEYOND impressed by the quality, presentation and thought that went into everything that was included. It felt like I got a product from someone who cared about what they're doing and almost like I was sent an awesome gift from a friend. 


I just used the Herbal Hour Glass and I love it. It was easy to use and I felt energized after using it. My stomach does look flatter after using it just the one time. I look forward to the launch of your next Herbal Hour Glass. I am a forever customer.


My experience with the hourglass wrap has been very enjoyable. The tea concoction smells wonderful and really makes my skin feel tight and smooth. In just 3 days of wrapping, I have seen it kick my love handles' butt. I love that I get 7 days worth and I can't wait to see my day 7 comparison. The oil is a nice touch as well and really moisturizes my skin, a little goes a long way. The customer service is top notch and any questions I had were immediately answered. I will definitely be coming back for more. 

As a nurse and massage therapist I was a little skeptical at first. However the wrap left my skin feeling great and definitely less bloated! Not a gimmick. The research is legit. Thank you!

I am very happy with this wrap. My focus is, all the benefits of internal well being. If I lost the love handles and bloating that would be a bonus for me. After the first wrap, I really did feel good inside. The 2nd day was better. I continued to feel really good internally. Also, no bloating!! The oil is great too! No strong smell which I love. I can't say enough about the customer service!! Amazing!! I got a response back right away when I had a question. I continue to have questions as the weeks have past by and I always have amazing help!! So to have a real person who genuinely wants to help people is a huge deal for me. Especially when I'm dealing with other health issues. I would recommend using this wrap. Give it a try! I am definitely going to be a regular customer. Thank you so much for an awesome product and your amazing service!!

I loved the Hour Glass and the way I felt during and after using it. I used in order to prepare for my wedding and I was extremely satisfied with the results I was able to see and feel, almost immediately. The wrap was so easy to prepare and wear and I loved that you could forget about it and continue doing what you needed to do around the house as it did all the work for you. The natural ingredients and herbal elements made my stomach feel so balanced and left skin feeling nourished and smooth. I was extremely satisfied with this product and would definitely use it again. I think my favorite part about the wrap was there was no reason to feel guilty for spoiling myself because it benefited my body and skin!


My midsection is my problem area. I'm always trying to hide it. I ordered The Hour Glass Wrap. I'm so happy that I did. I see results where my midsection has decreased. The representative for the company is a beautiful person. She checks on you from time to time to see how you're doing with the wrap. i can't wait to continue using the wrap.

I would highly recommend this product and company to other individuals who are having the same issues I'm having.

The hour glass is the best wrap I have tries! It really does reduce bloating, and tightens your skin. you can really tell the difference in just one use! This is a product I highly recommend and will definitely be using myself in the future!


I haven't been taking progress pictures but I know it's working because my pants fit different and my shirts as well, I also try and LOVE the different Detox drinks that you guys put on Instagram. I also like how your website shows how everything is made and the pictures of each item. Thank you so much for your time