Scrubs and Masks

Our Scrubs and Masks

All of our scrubs and masks will come with the ingredients packaged separately for you to mix when you receive them. This preserves the quality and freshness of our ingredients. Mixing the ingredients can change the chemical component of each so we optimize this for our clients by allowing you to mix them and get the best possible results.

Our ingredients are always food grade quality although we do not suggest you ingest any of them, we do this to ensure the absolute best for our clients.

All of our oils and masks will also come with one of our high-quality blended oils. Many scrubs and masks come premixed and either use a cheaper oil or water to blend their products. Our quality is never compromised for you and your body. Read the info below about the oils that we use and enjoy browsing for the product that fits your needs best. We will be adding more very soon so sign up for our email list to be notified or check back frequently! Enjoy!

No Scents, Fillers or Preservatives

No Scents, Fillers or Preservatives

Our oils are not diluted, they have no preservatives or fillers. Most essential and even carrier oils are. The most common method of dilution is adding by adding vegetable oil or alcohol and the most common adulteration is adding a small amount of a cheaper oil or other components such as citronellal, geraniol, or linalool. Sometimes the individual components are mixed in a test tube and the result is labeled ‘natural essential oil’ so most companies do not even know that is what they are selling but they can sell it for a lower price. Other oils such as lavender and frankincense can be mimicked in scent so you could be getting what you think is a lovely blend but really it may contain only that specific ‘scent’ and not the oil itself.