Renewal Unveil Awaken Oil

Foraged By Nature

Foraged By Nature

The majority of oils we used are wildcrafted meaning they are foraged by nature alone and have had absolutely no human intervention in the growing process providing your skin with the most absolute raw, superior quality delivered by nature. Those that are not wildcrafted are organic and are unrefined and cold pressed; this preserves their quality and pure benefits. Most companies that provide oils claim to be organic and pure but are often cutting their oils with less expensive ingredients and fillers that although may not be ‘harmful’, dilute the quality of the other ingredients and benefits they claim to provide. We provide the absolute best to our clients and your skin will reap these benefits endlessly.

No Scents, Fillers or Preservatives

Our oils are not diluted, they have no preservatives or fillers. Most essential and even carrier oils are. The most common method of dilution is adding by adding vegetable oil or alcohol and the most common adulteration is adding a small amount of a cheaper oil or other components such as citronellal, geraniol, or linalool. Sometimes the individual components are mixed in a test tube and the result is labeled ‘natural essential oil’ so most companies do not even know that is what they are selling but they can sell it for a lower price. Other oils such as lavender and frankincense can be mimicked in scent so you could be getting what you think is a lovely blend but really it may contain only that specific ‘scent’ and not the oil itself.

Oil Vs Cream

Most creams and lotions are water based and contain other ingredients and preservatives in order to maintain their shelf life. Oils most closely resemble the natural oil already in your skin which helps your skin to easily absorb it. The oils we use are specifically selected to help balance the pH levels in your skin regardless of whether your skin is naturally oily or dry. We seek out oils that will not clog your pores and we do months of research and testing before ever offering them to our clients. Oils often mimic the natural lipids in our skin which allows for optimal absorption. Research has shown that when oils are absorbed by the skin, the top layers of our skin treat them as their own which results in a restorative and moisturized effect.