Topical Herbal Therapy for Pregnancy and Beyond

Eliminate Constipation & Bloating

Increase Energy and tighten skin

Improve The Quality Of Your Sleep

Improve Your Metabolism

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HYALUXE Ingredients

Unlike other products, we PROMISE that no matter what, your body will reap the benefits from our premium ingredients. 

Bundle & Save

Choose the perfect bundle package best suited for your needs and save big! 

Basic Package

Pregnant Mama Treatment

Retail Price: $99.95


First time? Then this package is a great starter kit for you to begin with.

  • Comes with 1 Herbal Magnesium wrap for your stomach...
  • Wrap that lasts for 15 days before the Magnesium is depleted...
  • Helps you tighten your skin, increase energy, eliminate bloating, and more...

Pregnancy Scar/Stretchmark Prevention Treatment

Legs | Core

Retail Price: $199.95


Want the best of both worlds? Grab the personal package to get great savings and treatment for you.

  • One Wrap and brew bag. Feel Relief from postpartum cramping, constipation and loose skin.
  • Renewal Serum that specifically targets scars and stretchmarks
  • Bundle most often used 10-15 days consecutively after childbirth

Complete Package

Postpartum Full Body Treatment

Arms | Legs | Core

Retail Price: $399.95


The ultimate full-body treatment kit to heal your skin, keep you energized and eliminate bloating. 

  • 6 Wraps and Brew Bag Pods that last for 3 months.
  • FREE Renewal Serum which heals Scars and Stretchmarks appearances.
  • FREE Awaken Serum that helps rejuvenate your skin and make it glow.




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