What Is HYALUXE Mind?
True wellness is complete body and mind. Although for the past 6 years we have grown drastically in the field of helping women start and carry on the journey of healing their bodies - we have ultimately been called by our ladies to go a step further. 
We will be finding and delivering the best of the best in products to help with optimizing the psychological aspects of being a Woman. The mind and body are one. Below you will find a list of struggles that women we serve combat daily. 
We are expanding past JUST the body. We have joined several integrative and functional medicine doctors who will provide us with their best knowledge to serve you ladies exceptionally. We will offer products that support the psychological components of many of the following (but not limited to). 
Hormonal Imbalances
Adrenal Fatigue
Thyroid Issues (both Hyper and Hypo)
Autoimmune Disorders
Chronic Pains
Postpartum Depression
Chronic Anxiety and Depression
Chronic Mental Fatigue
Heavy Metal Toxication 
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We are truly excited and grateful to be here and to be able to serve you in this capacity.