Why you should be using coconut oil on your skin :)

Why you should be using coconut oil on your skin :) - Hyaluxe Body

The endless benefits of coconut oil are true... not only is it great for your skin but it can also be used in your hair for an all natural conditioner. We chose it for our renewal oil because it is known to reduce inflammation.. keep your skin moisturized.. treat acne.. and protect your skin from the harmful bacteria that causes acne. Coconut oil can be found in all grocery stores across the country.. because of the high demand for it. One use for the breast feeding mama is to use the oil for chapped nipples.. it is a great all natural alternative for vaseline and it really works! If you would like to learn even more about this wonderful ingredient and how we use it in one of our best selling oils... (Renewal) Go to the home page.. click on the link for oils on the top left.. then click Renewal :) Read about all of the different ways it can be used and why we chose it to use alone and/or in our coffee scrub! Have a wonderful day and keep checking for new updated blog post to keep you informed on the best ingredients.. new recipes.. and remedies! 


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