Which toxins do you have and what are they doing???

Which toxins do you have and what are they doing??? - Hyaluxe Body
Absorbing toxins through your skin and consuming them in your food is inevitable simply due to the world that we now live in. The key is in finding ways to help your body get rid of them. 
Every single body has a different ability to detoxify different substances from their body (bioindividuality) just like every body reacts differently to the toxins affecting their bodies. After witnessing hundreds of thousands of different women try various types of detox programs, diets, cleanses etc - we know that not 'one size fits all'. Not a single thing works for everyone. What we did (and do) is collect ingredients that we know will somehow benefit the human body in various ways and we use transdermal absorption (through a wrap) so that our ingredients bypass the digestive tract (magnesium specifically) and are absorbed directly into the bloodstream.
Not only does this avoid side effects that may occur with ingesting any substance (smoothies, teas, supplements) but it also directly helps the skin. 
Is our method the best? It is for many but not for all and we are 100% okay with that. We want EVERY single woman to find true well being and health. We add value by providing information and tools for women that may help them on that journey. 
Please take this information and share it with someone who may be struggling with similar symptoms. It is time to start feeling better. It is time for your mind to feel its best. It is time for clarity and health.
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THANK YOU for being here!

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