This oil is most commonly used to treat stretchmarks, scars and cellulite...

This oil is most commonly used to treat stretchmarks, scars and cellulite... - Hyaluxe Body
The Rosehip seed oil we use is wild-crafted - meaning the rosehips are foraged by nature alone and have had absolutely no human intervention in the growing process. This provides your skin with the most absolute raw, superior quality delivered by nature. The rosehips that we use in our Herbal Blend are organic and this also  preserves their quality and pure benefits as they are unarmed by pesticides and other processing mechanisms. Most companies that provide oils claim to be organic and pure but are often cutting their oils with less expensive ingredients and fillers that although may not be ‘harmful’, dilute the quality of the other ingredients and benefits they claim to provide. We provide the absolute best to our clients and your skin will reap these benefits endlessly.
This Rosehip seed oil, you will find in our Renewal Serum as well as in our coffee scrub AND our Awaken Serum (BOGO bundle on Awaken and Renewal are ending soon. Want a complete belly and skin makeover and see dramatic differences in 15-30 days? Try our newest bundle that we made for you ladies at 50% off (our Coffee Scrub and 15 Uses together).
Don't want ours? that is okay too! The main thing finding some way to incorporate these ingredients into your lifestyle in order to feed your skin something amazing. Find organic or wild-harvested and make sure it is red/dark blood orange!
We love you ladies!
-Hyaluxe Team

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