These two minerals are amazing for flushing out toxic chemicals in your body...

These two minerals are amazing for flushing out toxic chemicals in your body... - Hyaluxe Body

Magnesium stimulates cell activity so that toxins are released into the bloodstream while zinc acts as a strong antioxidant which helps destroy free radical activity in the body while at the same time removing heavy metals.

Magnesium regulates over 300 enzymes in the body and plays an important role in organizing vital functions including muscle control, energy production, electrical impulses and elimination of harmful toxins. Magnesium sulfate decreases inflammation and draws out impurities from the body. Due to its natural detoxification properties, the body will absorb what it needs from the wrap treatment each time and dispose of any excess.

One can obtain both magnesium and zinc through Dead sea salts (used in our wrap and our scrub). They contain 21 minerals that naturally occur in our bodies but must be replenished, as they are lost throughout the day. Promotes quick healing of skin tissue and provides the skin’s surface with anti-allergic elements. Essential for cell metabolism. The potassium in sea salt helps balance moisture in the skin and body, aiding in the reduction of water retention and in the nourishment of cells.

We recommend absorbing these minerals through transdermal means (bath, wrap etc.) Our wrap is double layered, hypoallergenic organic cotton and locally knitted in the U.S. The wrap creates tissue saturation which allows ingredients to travel through the tissues and cells at a high dose without losses through the gastrointestinal tract. Ingredients pass directly into the tissue through the skin where it is quickly transported to cells throughout the body.

If you are interested in reading more about the other ingredients we offer- you can see our 30 Day detoxifying bath pods Here or our best selling 15 Uses Magnesium therapy bundle here. 


Check out a few testimonials from women who have started feeling better even after a few days of use!




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