The Benefits and Risks of Dry brushing

The Benefits and Risks of Dry brushing - Hyaluxe Body

What is dry brushing

Dry brushing is a method of gently massaging your skin with a dry bristle brush.

This kind of skin care has been around since ancient times in many cultures, and it is said to help with flaky skin, detoxify, increase circulation and even improve the appearance of cellulite.

Benefits of dry brushing 

Dry brushing has been around till now for a reason. The list of benefits include:

Lymphatic system and the removal of toxins

The lymphatic system plays an important role in our immune guarding and protection, by assisting our whole body fight infections. Fluids pass through the system and are filtered through the lymph nodes. If your lymphatic system is not working properly because of an illness or is exposed to a lot of toxins the system may build-up and get clogged. That is why your lymph nodes become swollen when catching a cold.

We can promote better body detoxification by improving lymphatic circulation, dry brushing is one of the ways of helping it.

Dry brushing is thought to help the body release toxins. The bristles on the brush help stimulate the pores and open them up. Making it easier for the body to sweat, reducing the amount of toxins flowing through the lymphatic system.


Exfoliation is one of the benefits that can be seen and felt right after dry brushing is done.

The skin layer that develops from dry skin can block your pores creating itchiness and uncomfortableness . Dry brushing is a method of physical exfoliation. The bristles of the brush help sweep away dull, rough, flaky skin cells. Making your skin feel smoother and softer.


Plumps the skin

Repeated movements of the brush bristles on your skin, stimulates blood flow, making your skin look more plump and youthful. Many swear their cellulite is less visible after dry brushing, due to temporarily plumping effect it has on the skin. It can even help with the appearance of the sun damage on your skin.


Dry brushing can feel like a spa-like experience that you can do at home. The repeated gentle storks of the brush over skin feel good, making dry brushing an experience of relaxation and a great self-care step.

What is the best brush for dry brushing

If you want to get the benefits of dry brushing its best to choose a brush with natural fiber bristles. We recommend our Exfoliation Wooden Body Brush, which has 100% natural bristles, having an ideal size for your hand, making dry brushing very easy and relaxing.

How to perform dry brushing

It is recommended to dry brush before you take a shower. Read the following steps on how to use your dry brush properly.

  1. Before you start dry brushing, make sure your skin si completely dry,
  2. Start from the feet and work your way upward in long, fluid strokes on limbs
  3. Brush in circular motion on your torso and back
  4. Since the process can be a little harsh on sensitive ares like breasts, abdomen and neck, lighten up the pressure as needed
  5. A few overlapping swipes per area is all you need. Avoid going the same areas for too long since it can cause irritations.

Brush maintenance

Make sure you rinse your brush after you have completed your brushing routine. Dry it in an open, sunny area to prevent mildew. Clean your brush once a week using soap and water. Sharing the brush with anyone should also be avoided. This can help prevent the risk for infection.

Risks of dry brushing

Dry brushing might not be for everyone. If you have sensitive skin or you have a skin condition like eczema, rosacea, inflamed skin or psoriasis, you should avoid this method since it might aggravate your skin and do more harm than good. It is also not advised to use dry brushing on an open wound, because it might introduce new bacteria and infection.

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