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Rosehip oil - Hyaluxe Body

Rosehip oil is truly an amazing product, with amazing skin rejuvenating benefits. So why is it so great you ask? Let me explain :)

  •  It’s rich in the essential fatty acids, it is also widely used in various skin care products and is very efficient in fighting signs of aging. It is one of Victoria Secret models Miranda Kerr's favorite products :) It’s especially effective on dry elbows, knees, cracked lips, and heels.
  • If you suffer with scaring this product is a must! Its nourishing properties will help to speed up the healing process, and also leave the area moisturized.
  • Rosehipe oil is amazing for treating any type of sunburn.

Quick tip! - Mix a drop of Rosehip oil in with your daily moisturizer for a beautiful glow that will hold up throughout the entire day!

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