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Magnesium Sulfate USP Grade - Hyaluxe Body
  • For Your Garden
Magnesium sulfate is not a nutrient in itself for the garden, but it does help your plants uptake key minerals such as phosphorus and nitrogen most efficiently and effectively. 
Treating your plants with Epsom salt at a rate of 1 tablespoon of salt per 1 gallon of water two times monthly can help them attain optimum performance as manifested in greater blooms, bigger veggies and thicker, greener leaves.
Sickly plants may need a larger dose. 
Plants exhibiting symptoms of magnesium deficiency (as described above) may benefit from a drenching of a gallon of water, and two tablespoons of Epsom salts followed up with regular biweekly or monthly watering with a regular strength (one tablespoonful of salts per 1 gallon of water) throughout the growing season.
  • For Your Body

Your small intestine cannot adequately digest magnesium when taken in pill form. Magnesium sulfate when absorbed through the skin, improves nutrient absorption by allowing digestive enzymes to be released from the pancreas. It also flushes heavy metals from our bodies that cannot be removed simply with a proper diet. Regular absorption of our medical grade magnesium sulfate mineral helps regulate blood sugar, improve energy levels and facilitates proper digestion.

Your skin occupies more than 18.5 feet of your body. Your body absorbs a large majority of what you put on it and toxins can also be extracted through the skin. Magnesium Sulfate in particular is most effectively absorbed through the skin. Ingredients that are absorbed this way bypass the stomach, therefore avoiding common harmful side effects such as dizziness and nausea. This method also allows our teas, oils and other natural ingredients to have a more intense effect on the rejuvenation of skin cells.

This is why we are such huge fans of our wrap and the use of transdermal magnesium. From bloat, to metabolism, to energy and sleep - your body will reap the benefits of this amazing mineral. 

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