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Green tea bath benefits - Hyaluxe Body

The list goes on and on for all of the benefits of green tea, I am sure you have heard that drinking it is amazing for you for a lot of different reasons, but have you ever heard about the benefits of bathing in it? :)

Green tea baths can relieve your worst muscle aches, soften your skin, contribute to faster healing of wounds, the minerals that are in it are beneficial to more youthful looking skin and flush unwanted toxins.

*Fill your bathtub with hot water, place 5 to 7 green tea bags into it. Let the tea bags sit in the water for 20 minutes, or until your bath turns to a light brown/ light green color. When the temperature is cooled down and to your liking, get in and enjoy! You can also add Epsom salt to gain even more benefits for your skin. The ideal time to soak in this bath is 40 minutes. Make sure to drink water while in the bath and to RELAX and REJUVENATE!

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