Four foods that fight fatigue

Four foods that fight fatigue - Hyaluxe Body

A lot of people I know struggle with mid day crashes, or just staying tired for most of the day. In order to feel our best we have to fuel our body right. Consuming the right foods are the most important part of feeling, and looking, our best. Yes coffee helps, but if you are tired of that afternoon crash, try these foods to help you feel energized and STAY energized throughout your busy days :)

WATER: this one is pretty obvious.. but drinking the suggested amount of water each day (8 glasses) offers an awesome natural energy boost. Keeping your body hydrated and avoiding dehydration is key to sustain your energy levels throughout the day.

BANANAS: Besides being loaded with vitamin C, bananas also have lots of antioxidants in them that help fight off the tiredness and give you that energy boost you need.

Almonds: A quick and easy snack you can pretty much carry with you anywhere for that mid day pick me up or hunger attack! I like to mix my almonds with either semi sweet or dark chocolate just to add a little sweetness :) Almonds have a high number of GOOD calories per serving. That makes almonds a useful and healthy snack for delivering high energy.

GREEN TEA:  It really cannot be said enough how many great things green tea has to offer.. including energy!! Of course green tea has caffeine in it, but it is just enough caffeine to give you a boost and help your brain to function better! After drinking green tea you do not get that jittery feeling you do with coffee, just a nice healthy dose of antioxidants and energy! Caffeine has also been shown to improve physical performance by mobilizing fatty acids from the fat tissues using them as energy.

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