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Detox Iced Green Tea - Hyaluxe Body

It is time to give your detox drink a twist of tea. The ancient Chinese tea leaves are one of the planets leading sources of antioxidants, so they are sure to flush all poisons from the system right away. The plant also provides decent doses of caffeine, which makes it a great utility before working out. Many dieters consider this to be the best weight loss alternative available, especially when compared to coffee. All it takes to assemble a cup of this decadent hydration is strawberries, lemons, cucumbers, honey and a single bag of green tea.



1 green tea bag

1 slice lemon

1 tsp honey or stevia

2 strawberries, sliced

2 slices cucumber



Using a green tea bag and boiling water, brew 8-10 fluid ounces of water to make green tea.

Chill green tea in refrigerator for 5 minutes. Add cucumber, lemon. strawberries, and honey or stevia.

Stir to mix ingredients and add ice if desired.

Drink daily as a natural detox to rid your body of toxins for healthy digestion.

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