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All natural makeup suggestions - Hyaluxe Body

Do you ever think about what you are really putting on your face when you are applying your makeup in the morning? Yeah I really didn't used to either, until I learned just how many chemicals people use to make the stuff and how much of it isn't good for you skin! When I think of makeup now.. the more natural, the better. Our bodies CRAVE natural things, even when it comes to the outer layer of our skin. When you go to buy makeup, look on the ingredients and educate yourself! There are lots of harmful toxins in our everyday makeups we do not even realize we are putting on our face. Wouldn't you like to know some of the best brands of make ups that are totally natural and you can trust on your skin. Well, I have created a list for you :) Each has their very own website full of amazing products!

1- origins

2- Physicians Formula

3- livingnature


5- everydayminerals

Through talking to people and trying some of these products myself, I have found that these 5 organic/natural make up companies.. are the best! Everyone has their opinion on makeup, but I think most people would agree that they want to know what they are putting on their face. Not only can regular chemical based makeups be harmful to your skin... they are also harmful to the animals they use to test on everyday in labs :( Choose wisely and care for your skin with natural ingredients that you love, and that love you back!!

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