6 Signs that Your Liver needs help

6 Signs that Your Liver needs help - Hyaluxe Body


SO - with all of this what do you do? Below we have found two ingredients that you can add into your lifestyle to help with your liver health. 


First: Milk Thistle 

Milk Thistle Milk thistle helps protect the healthy cells in the liver from free radical damage or inflammation caused by toxins. It also stimulates the regeneration of new healthy cells and aids the body in mopping up toxins. It helps to increase glutathione production, the body's major antioxidant substrate. This herb has no adverse side effects, though it may loosen stools slightly as it increases bile flow.


Second? Magnesium (our favorite!)


Magnesium is a crucial factor in the natural process of self-cleaning and detoxification within the body. Muscle contraction, which depends on magnesium, works in tandem with the lymphatic system for the elimination of lipids from the interstitial fluid. Some of these lipids return to the bloodstream to be filtered by the liver, with the secretions of the gall bladder to finally be eliminated in the stool with these lipophilic toxins.

So where can we help? You can view all of our Topical Magnesium Herbal therapies on site. You can do a little bit of research and find a magnesium supplement as well. We use transdermal magnesium (with magnesium sulfates) as via this method you avoid any digestive upset or laxative effects. You are also getting the ingredients applied directly to the skin to help with fading scars/stretchmarks, improving elasticity etc. 



Tap HERE to shop our magnesium bundles and bath pods. If you have any questions, always reach out. We are so grateful to have you here ladies! Enjoy!

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